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For the future, CLO intends to finance its restoration work through diversified activities. Using its now improved resources in a sustainable way, CLO will carry the following activities:

Sustainable Ranching –  The cattle are used as a tool: the hoof action breaks the soil’s crust, manure adds nutrients and the cows’ saliva while eating stimulates plant growth. In order to prevent overgrazing, the cattle are moved 4 times a day and each grazed section rests for two rainy season. Many areas of the ranch are kept for wildlife only.

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Growing Native Grasses for Seeds – sources of native grasses in Mexico are difficult to find and many exotics are replacing the native grasses. CLO is farming native grasses for sale and for its own restoration work.

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Honey – San Bernadino Ranch is home to more than 450 species of bees, this is one of the most diverse population in the world. 15 hives are currently managed by wildlife CLO staff and a honey lab (consultant from Pitiquitos Omar Mazon). 100 hives are planned.
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Native Plant Propagation – Borderlands Restoration’s horticultural team will help capacity building in San Bernadino Ranch, through assisting with the construction of a native plant nursery and seed lab, as well as teaching propagation techniques.