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The Foundation works in Mexico and the United States to preserve an ecologically unique corner of this planet. We are supported through grants from foundations and public agencies, as well as donations from forward-thinking individuals and corporations.


bird on twigOn the US side, our board is composed of  Jeff Hampton (Board President of the Arizona Land & Water Trust), Ron Pulliam (Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of NatureServe and Science Advisor to the Secretary of Interior in Washington, D.C) and Valer Clark (co- founder of CLO and President of the board). On the Mexican side, our board is composed of ranchers, scientists and NGOs.  

One hundred percent of your donation will go to the work on the ground and you can specify where your gift is to be used. You can send a donation to: Cuenca Los Ojos, 12626 East Turkey Creek Road, Pearce, Arizona, 85625 USA. Or donate directly here:

Valer Clark




I thank you, the animals thank you and your children will thank you.

Anna Valer A Clark Signature

Photo Credit – Cris Crisman




  • Protection of over 130,000 acres in Mexico alone
  • Construction of 50 large gabions, 40,000 loose rock dams (trincheras) and  1000+ berms  in Mexico and the United States
  • Water tables in the San Bernadino Ranch rose 30 feet in the middle of a 15-year drought and at least 15% of the historic wetland has been restored with 6 miles of river now flowing year round
  • Restoration of 5,000 acres of grasslands with native grasses in Mexico
  • Plantation of 5 acres of Penstemon for the benefit of hummingbirds
  • Successfully reintroduced Coues Deers and Gould’s turkeys in the Chiricahua Mountains, AZ



  • Diploma por la Ponencia Magistral “ripiarían and rangeland restoration”
    Tecnologico de Monterrey 2009
  • Distinguished alumnae award, Hollins College June 2012
  • The Arizona Game and Fish Commission Award of Excellence, 1997 and 2002
  • The Award of Merit, Goodyear NACD Conservation Award
  • The W.R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award, from the Society for Range Management, 1998
  • The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Chapter, Joseph Wood Krutch Award 1996
  • The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Award 2001
  • The Sky Island Wildlands Network Conservation Award 2002
  • The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency,
    National Private Lands Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Award 2004
  • Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales y de la Comisión Nacional de Areas
    Naturales Protegidas, otorgue la presente Mención HonorÍfica a Sra.
  • Valer Austin, Reconocimiento a la Conservación de la Naturaleza 2005 Awarded Mexican Conservation Hero Status by The Nature Conservancy, May 4, 2006
  • The American Fisheries Society, Arizona/New Mexico Chapter 2007
    Conservationist of the Year
  • Award for Excellence in International Service by the University of Arizona,
    Department of English as a Second Language, November 2006
  • Honored for conservation efforts in Mexico by The Nature Conservancy’s
    Young Professionals Group and Zarela Martinez, April 2006
  • The Environmental Law Institute of Washington 2008 Wetlands Award