Swiss Helm / Bar Boot Ranch Fire – End of Day Thursday June 29 2017

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Fire in the Dragoon Mountains

Lightning strikes are common before the monsoon rains and this is part of Nature’s plan.  

The Madrean Discovery Expedition at Cuenca Los Ojos

This year, GreaterGood brought the Madrean Expedition to Cuenca Los Ojos’ lands. The aim was to document the biodiversity of the Sky Island mountain ranges in Sonora, Mexico. Thomas R. Van Devender and his wife Analilia coordinated the event. Throughout the year, groups of uniquely qualified and multinational participants come together to


CLO’s work has been highlighted in Tom Barry‘s 2014 article ‘Transborder Drylands Restoration: Vision and Reality After Three Decades of Innovative Partnerships on the U.S.-Mexico Border’. The article was published in the scientific revue S.A.P.I.E.N.S. . Extract: The restoration of arid and semi-arid ecosystems merits increased global attention because of their global expanse — constituting at least 40% […]

The Big Bend Sentinel – “Journey into grasslands” by Pilar Pedersen

CLO’s work has been highlighted in Pilar Pedersen‘s 2017 article ‘Journey into grasslands’. The article was published in the Texan newspaper The Big Bend Sentinel. . Extract:  Since first experiencing open prairie as a young adult, I have been captivated by grasslands. Hearing about people in country like ours who were making

Edible Baja Arizona – “A Tale of Two Walls” by Todd Miller

CLO’s work has been highlighted in Todd Miller‘s 2017 article ‘A Tale of Two Walls’. The article was published in the magazine Edible Baja Arizona. . Extract: The U.S. Border Patrol agent was positioned behind a rust-colored vehicle barrier, on the other side of the international boundary line. He stopped when he saw

The Nature Conservancy Blog – “The River Geronimo Knew” by Tanna Kapel

CLO’s work has been highlighted in Tanna Kapel‘s 2014 article ‘The River Geronimo Knew’. The article was published in The Nature Conservancy Blog . Extract: Not all is doom and gloom on the Arizona-Mexico border. There’s a place where tranquility reigns, where ruddy ducks and great blue herons share reflective waters, where pools

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