The Madrean Discovery Expedition at Cuenca Los Ojos

This year, GreaterGood brought the Madrean Expedition to Cuenca Los Ojos’ lands. The aim was to document the biodiversity of the Sky Island mountain ranges in Sonora, Mexico. Thomas R. Van Devender and his wife Analilia coordinated the event. Throughout the year, groups of uniquely qualified and multinational participants come together to record the plants and animals of this incredible region, focusing on the vastly understudied region of Sonora, Mexico. This information is then stored in an open-source database for the world to share, study, and use to preserve these ecosystems forever.


Species we encountered and photographed:



©McNulty Copyright April 2017 C Bonito



© JRorabaugh



© Vritra Dragon


©Margarethe Brummermann




Each year, the MABA expedition finds more endemic and endangered species. Read Thomas R. Van Devender paper:  Van Devender, Avila et al 2013 – Biodiversity of the Madrean Archipelago

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