The Big Bend Sentinel – “Journey into grasslands” by Pilar Pedersen

CLO’s work has been highlighted in Pilar Pedersen‘s 2017 article ‘Journey into grasslands’. The article was published in the Texan newspaper The Big Bend Sentinel.


Ana Valer ClarkExtract:  Since first experiencing open prairie as a young adult, I have been captivated by grasslands. Hearing about people in country like ours who were making inroads into restoration of watersheds and grasslands, preserving ranching heritage, and bringing diverse groups together to accomplish these goals pulled on me like a magnet. So, in early December a friend and I traveled from Alabama and West Texas, respectively, to the area bridging Arizona and Sonora, Mexico to learn from folks who are pioneering some remarkable changes.

Ana Valer Clark had no idea she’d be leaving Manhattan in 1981 when she submitted a very low bid on a worn-out ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. Thirty five years later, this sprightly 76-year-old woman is effusive about her work, modest about her accomplishments, and was a captivating host. We spent three nights as her guest.


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