Oprah Magazine – “Bringing the Wastelands of the Southwest Back to Life” by Kathy Dobie

CLO’s work has been highlighted in Kathy Dobie‘s 2012 article An Amateur Rancher Brings the Wastelands of the Southwest Back to Life. The article was published in Oprah Magazine.



What’s a Manhattan society girl to do when she finds herself living on acres of desiccated, left-for-dead earth in the Southwest? If she’s Valer Austin, she rolls up her sleeves and does the miraculous—bringing it all back to lush life.

The land was parched and cracked and scattered with stones, as if the clouds had rained rocks in this part of the world. Small, thorny mesquites dotted the landscape, their taproots tunneling far beneath the soil to suck whatever water lay there. Creosote bushes fanned out from their mounds of chalky dirt and arroyos twisted this way and that, like immense snakes gouging the earth. Some were 20, even 30 feet deep, their beds barren of vegetation, dry as a bone, but strewn colorfully with litter.

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